Obituary Catalog

Funeral planning can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Cherish the memory of your loved ones with our custom creative obituaries designs or templates. Our designs create lasting memories and celebrates the lives of those cherished. Epic Keepsake Designs creates fitting and memorable tributes to honour your loved. Our focus are always on you in making sure you’re 100% satisfied in this time of bereavement.


Please send finished form to (MUST FILL OUT ON DESKTOP)

Funeral Program Pricing

4 Pages Standard (Booklets)

8.5×11          Up to 20/ pics     $1.65          
11×17          Up to 30/ pics         $2.50        
Design Fee $80

8 Pages Standard (Booklets)

8.5×11          Up to 40 / pics      $2.25          
11×17          Up to 50/ pics         $3.25        
Design Fee $150

12 Pages Standard (Booklets)

8.5×11          Up to 50 / pics        $3.50          
11×17          Up to 50 / pics          $4.75        
Design Fee $200

16 Pages Standard (Booklets)

8.5×11          Up to 40/pics         $5.25          
11×17          Up to 60/pics           $6.50        
Design Fee $275

Tri- Folds/ Brochures

8.5×11          Up to 30/pics         $2.00          
11×17          Up to 40/pics           $3.25        
Design Fee $100

      **Funeral Booklets Trim Styles**

All Booklets come standard on 100 lb glossy paper with white border. For borderless prints add $1.00 for each booklet.

Print Only

If you have your obituaries designed you do not

have to pay the setup charge.

Files must be submitted in PDF format to

Files not submitted in the formats mentioned above

will be charged a minimum file placement fee of $35.